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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  August 16, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪ ♪ ♪. ♪. we begin the 5:30 with the ongoing fall out in charlottesville >> mourns today said good-bye to heather heyer. the woman struck and killed by that man who allegedly traveled there to take part in those rallies. those are the memorial service had purple on today. her parents want people to remember their daughter for her belief in equality and justice. >> i was overwhelmed at the rainbow of colors in this room. that's how heather was. it didn't matter who you were or where you were from. of if she loved you, that was it. you were stuck.
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so for that, i'm truly proud of my daughter. >> as i listened to her friends, and hear stories of my daughter and the way she was, she loved people. she wanted equality. and in this issue of the day of her passing, she wanted to put down hate >> she was a firm believer in whatever she believed, and let's do that. let's find that spark of conviction, let's find in ourselves that action. let's spread this. let's have the uncomfortable dialogue. it ain't easy sitting down and saying why are you upset? it ain't easy sitting down going, yeah, well i think this way and i don't
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but i'm going to respectfully listen to what you have to say, we're not going sit around and shake hand and i'm sorry, it's it's not all about forgive ness, i know that's not a popular trend. but the truth is, we are going to have our differences, we are going to be angry with each other. but let's channel that anger not into hate. not into violence. not into fear. but let's channel that difference, that anger into righteous action. they tried to kill my child to shut her up. well, guess what? just magnified her. >> how often in our line of work do we see grieving parents and you know, understandably inconsolable and there she was, it was impressive, >> when i heard what she said, touched my heart and i turned around and said you hit the message
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>> the conversation about what happened in charlottesville really dominates the headlines >> along with the backlash over the confederate statue and the symbols, this is what we're talking about >> you know niles standage, derek parks, former, and protective services and dr. mic michael at howard university. this came down about 15 minutes ago. governor tre mcauliffe said when it comes to confederate symbols he's you wering localities to start that discussion now, he wants them to move the monuments to museums or other appropriate venues are you surprised we see the governor coming out with a statement like this >> i'm not. i think that the general mood is shifting on this issue, we've seen how it can shift fast on issues like the confederate flash flood as well as the statues, i think the argument that it's about heritage rings increasingly hollow to a lot
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people. at heritage based on support for slavery, so i'm not that surprised, no >> is there a place for the statues of the symbol somewhere in our country? we don't see statues to hitler or to the nazis over in germany. where do these belong >> on photographs. maybe, imagery . there's a part of me that likes the idea of museums. there's an educational component to this but the idea that they need to be in public spaces or college campuses or in communities around the country makes no sense's >> how do you respond to the critics who say this is part of history and if you take it away, you're erasing it >> there's no eraser of history, it is what it is. the question is, are we going to tell a part of the history that you like or the entire part of the history, you know, they are many parts of this country where students are reading textbooks that misplay or under play the full extent of slavery, for example. and that's history and they don't want to talk about that. so you can talk about i
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terms of history, but history is a much bigger story than the one they want told >> we're seeing this response in different towns. i think back to south carolina and the confederate flag at the state house, you look at the policing issues. how do the towns deal with the influx of people. going to come down and protest and rally in support of keeping these monuments in placement how do you towns and municipal teas gear themselves up for this battle >> based on this last scenario that just transpired over the weekend, i think all law enforcement really have to sit down and reevaluate the way that they deal with this. they had a very strong -- this is the first time that they had 6,000 for lack of a better word, klans men march in decade, no police agency was ready for that. i think real lickly it's going to have to do with
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intel and recon these police departments are going to have to do with each agency and counter groups that plan oncoming to protest or coming to do a demonstration. >> let's talk about the latest from the white house. what has been the fall-out? we saw the president disbanded some councils and boards that he had because the ceos are resigning. what about reaction from lawmakers and inside the administration? >> the reaction from other lawmakers has been very negative and almost universally so. we've had mitch mcconnell and other republicans being very critical at both president bush released a joint statement that were also critical. there has been some suggestion of resignation from the administration, we haven't seen that come to fruition yet. one of my sources was saying that that this administration has been through so many of these fire storms, there's an acceptance for right reporting for a lot of controversial things president said will this
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maybe not >> we've about a minute left. i'm curious as we look at the response and the conversation that we need to have as a country, i think there's no doubt we have to have some sort of conversation, what should we be focusing on >> truth. there are some people who seem to believe the social and political equivalent to two plus two is five. and as a result, they're willing to accept as fact things that are demon strafely false, this is our sort of first generation of young people coming up reading textbooks that aren't really telling truths. the other part, people of good will have stand up and speak up. far too long, the president and people of history ill, and people protesting in charlottesville have sort of controlled the narrative over the space of the last few years. and those of us who see it differently need to speak up and say so. otherwise, this will continue. >>
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here, if you could say something, ask you derrick, to president trump, to the administration or to folks about how this has been handled, would you tell them to look at the way at situation was handled in baltimore, the way the mayor handled it there? is that the way we should see things move >> i think one of the first things we have to, they have to acknowledge that the south lost. they took arms against the united states and they were enemy combatants, we can't celebrate that. we have to move on and i think we have to leave the past in past and move forward. >> ok. michael, do you want to weigh in on that >> i wanted just say >> she took out the statues overnight, was that a good idea >> i really like the quick ness on that. but we also have to understand that in some parts of the country, that's easier to do than in others. you can do that in baltimore. you can't do that in birmingham >> niles i'll give you final word here >> we talk about having a conversation, these issues, the people who we s
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charlottesville believe that three people in this group here would be inferior to the other two because of the color of their skin, that can't stand in the united states. >> thank you, guys so much. >> that's how you leave it. >> thank you very much. niles is an ditch, michael parks, thank you for coming in tonight. . police that at least nine cities preparing for alt right demonstrations set to take place in the coming days and weeks, saturday one group will be marching on google to protest the firing of james demore fired because of a memo criticizing the company's diversity's priorities. the patriot prayer. other alt right rallies are scheduled for the following weekend >> president trump charlottesville received an enormous response, it's the most liked tweet. received more than three million likes and counting. at last check, 3.7 million.
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south african president nelson mandela. of no one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion >> and former presidents, george w bush and george w bush put out this statement, condemning the violence in charlottesville saying america must always reject racial bigotry, anti-semitism and hatred in all forms, we're ripeded by the fundamental truths recorded by the city's most prominent citizens in the declaration of independence we're all created equal and endowed by our creator with unalienable rights, we have seen the decency of our country. a lot more said. the u.s. capitol building may be the next target in the battle over moving confederate symbols and statutories >> the congressional black caucus is calling for the removal of statues. and tom fitzgerald with more on this. fitz? >> reporter: good evening, jim, shawn, there is not just one statue of confederate f
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there are 12. and what is getting attention of a lot of people is if you compare that to how many african-americans statues there are. there are four. this controversy, for couple of days now, is shining new light on the united states capitol building and not in way that many people who are calling for these statues' removals are happy about. of case in point, take a look at some of this video that we shot today. now, this is inside the united states capitol. there's a statue of thomas jefferson. there's a statue of georgia washington. you would expect that. they're founding fathers. but there's also a statue of the president of the confederacy in would be jefferson davis, across the hall there's alexander hamilton stevens the vice president of the confederacy, one level below in the crypt of the united states capitol. robert e. lee across the way from him, john ccalhoun, a major force on the side of the confederacy, leading up to t
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war. so the call for these removals of these statues is complicated. jim and shawn, every state is allowed to place two statues into the united states capitol, as part of the united states capitol statuary hall collection. however, it is up to those states to decide who they select. now, states can put a statue in, they can take a statue out. they can only have two at one time. so it is not quite clear now, if congress itself can actually force a state to remove a one of its statues. interestingly enough, only a couple of years ago, president obama was here when they placed the statue of rosa parks inside a statuary hall. fittingly and symbolically, they placed that statue of a seated rosa park as directly across statuary hall looking directly into the eyes of jefferson davis. jim and shawn. >> mean as lot. symbol ism means a lot. let's talk
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saw today compared to yesterday >> a beautiful sunny day, little heat. little humid. sue palka, is it going to continue. >> shawn and jim, we needed to dry out. didn't we? what i've noticed though is that in the last couple hours, the humidity is a little bit better. tonight while we had widespread fogs last night i will only be in the patchy department. i believe it was great to see the sun felt like a good day for me. listen, tomorrow, we've got to change thing up, more clouds around and scattered showers and thunderstorms will be around thursday afternoon. and the main feature with any of those will be heavy downpours with any of the showers or storms, because it is still on the humid side, they will be able to tap a lot of moisture, we also got to do the radar thing on friday. more storms are expected friday. we will likely see the potential for stronger storms on friday that could have not just a heavy rain but the wind and hail threat as well. especially prime time between about 3:00 and 7:00, and that goes for tomorrow. although t
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to suggest a few more could be around after 8:00 tomorrow. isolated storm risk saturday. basically there's front coming friday that will bring through the showers and thunderstorms. if this front doesn't get too far to the south, some of our southern and eastern suburbs could still see a storm on saturday. right now, we're hopeful that most of the area is going to have a dry weekend. so we're looking forward they don't. so far, so good, also for the solar eclipse, the partial solar eclipse in our area on monday, temperature of about 91 degrees. and we think that the sunshine will be able to get through any clouds, hopefully you have good viewing at 2:42 on monday. those are your weather headlines. first several ceos called it quits before anymore could resign, the president decided to end his business councils and forums, more on this when 5at630 continues. . what about the alt left that came charging
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>> a local muslim were the target of a hate crime >> bullet went flying through her daughter's bedroom window >> are they historical markers or symbols of hate >> symbols of hate >> total darkness in the middle of day is coming.
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president trump had said he had ceos waiting to take the place of the top executives who quit business council in the wake of those charlottesville remarks, he called them grandstanders and personally attacked merck's ceo, 24 hours later, the president opted to disband two of his advisory councils after more ceos announced their decisions to quit. ronica cleary joins us to break it down. ronica? >> reporter: jim and shawn. you know, there was a little disagreement, if you will, the president said they resigned because they had embarrassment over their company practices. these business leaders, they have all really come out in force saying they have left the council because they were frustrated with the president's response to charlottesville and as you said, he's dismantled those amidst the reports they were planning to dismantle themselves, i spoke with matt mcdonald, a consultant who specializes in the intersection between business and politics. he pointed out something interesting, companies used to
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in the middle and now, they can't. because politics are so hot. and they're so divisive. and at the end of the day, he says consumers a lot of times want them to jump into the game but they want them to choose the side they agree with and that's just not the way it's going to be, take a listen. >> i think the challenge that people face or the consumers face is that they want ceos to agree with them. and ceos aren't always going to agree with them on what their issue is and as a society, we have to get into place where we're comfortable that not everybody is going to hold our views or positions on every issue, and we have to accept that sometimes you just have to not every decision you make is a political decision. >> reporter: ok, so you know that people respond regularly with the idea of boycotting a product, we see it trending on twitter, there was boycott,
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they got involved in the travel ban, even though that's not a business. but you get the idea. of so we took to the street to say for the pulse of the people to ask regular people on the streets, do they really boycott these products? how do they respond when companies weighed into the political waters? take a listen >> i don't know why companies would get into political arguments. to begin with. >> reporter: you think they should stay out of it? >> unless it's what they're doing to run their company, yeah. why would they get into a political argument over business? >> not boycott, per se but definitely makes three think about what i'm buying or if i can buy it from someone else. >> if it were a brand that put out, say, this big statement or this commercial or whatever, that was super negative towards something that i appreciated or didn't see the way that i see it, i was like, we'll stay away from that for awhile. >> it's hard sometimes though >> absolutely. plike craziness about gay peopl. like
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>> it's good >> it's so good >> did you boycott them or decide to testify look it >> i was just like, i'll stop at a dust chicken place for awhile. >> then you went back. >> then i went back. >> i loved that last guy's honesty, you know, because there is a lot of tough talk, if you will on social media, but at the end of the day if you love your products, you may very well go back to your products. i would be very interested to know in hearing from viewers who really have decided to never use a product again because of a political stance taken and what that was. i think there's a lot of excitement, if you will online when these decision first happen, but we often fall back into our habits even if we disagree >> you mentioned starbucks, do you remember the first time when they came up with the red cups, and the push was to go to starbucks and tell them your name was merry christmas and i'm thinking to myself you're telling people to go to starbucks and spend their money. >> reporter:
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>> doesn't make sense. >> reporter: what i think about the starbucks controversy because there are many, i say i just want to drink my coffee. i don't want to make a political statement with my cup. a lot of times you're forced into it. if you buy it >> i remember one time one of my children, he decided he didn't want a certain product anymore over a political point of view he had. and he held out a long time until his parents bought it and he was hungry >> remember, if you don't want to worry about that, there are local businesses all around our friend joseph over at coffee nature across the street would love us to see you go there if we can >> it's local >> keep it local. the white house has a brand new interim communications director, she's going to take over until the president finds a permanent replacement for anthony scaramucci. she's currently the director of communications. she was the spokesperson during the presidential campaign. have you
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kenye, spilling the beyonce on one of their favorite karaoke sessions. here's a hint, it involves someone from the white house. any guesses, jim? >> who's kim? >> i forget. of he doesn't like to say kardashian. we'll be right back everybody.
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. kim kardashian is spilling the beyonce about her one only karaoke session apparently included former president barack obama. kardashian told the hollywood reporter, she was too nervous to pick up the mic, so she didn't sing. she said the former president sang in the session, which which youeded kenye west, serena williams and about 15 other, kim did not elaborate but said the singing session happened at a dinner in san francisco for a fund-raiser for the dnc. i know you're excited to hear that. he's not a fan of the kardashian. >>
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boycott. the singer song writer is one of high profile hollywood figures being recognized. he's not happy with what's going on right now and may not attend the prestigious event be norman leary another 2017 honoree, said he will protest because of president trump.
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. tiffany trump will soon be, the 23-year-old will attend georgetown law school. she graduated from the university of pennsylvania, her half sister ivanka attended before transferred to urgent penn. eric graduated from there with his undergrade degree >> there will be a lot of trumps here in washington. we're so happy that you guys discontinued us for 5at630. there's always a lot to talk about. no doubt there will be more to talk about tomorrow as the fall-out from the
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charlottesville continues. on the final 5 at 11:30, guy lambert joining us tonight. that's it for us now >> stick around fox 5, 8 on the plus.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so one of donald trump's biggest supporters is in a neighborhood feud. he said he's going to use his political connections to bury the neighbor, and if that doesn't work, he'll use a baseball bat. >> corey lewandowski. his neighbor is doing construction on their property. he's alleged to have walked outside holding a baseball bat, which they took as a threat. >> if you're warring with your neighbor over something to do with a renovation, oh, my god, terrible. >> property construction is a big deal. sometimes your neighbors need to be talked down a little bit with a bat. don't use it. >> we got tina knowles. we talk to her about beyonce possibly buying the houston rockets. >> we're from houston so why not? harvey: why would beyonce be a good owner? >> ticket sales would go through the roof. harvey: you're assuming she would go to all of the games. when they travel around, the only time she's going to be here is l.a.


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